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The Project Team

L-R in photo: Dr. Afzal Mahmood, Assoc. Prof. Chen Au Peh, Assoc. Prof. Julian White

Project Team Leaders

Assoc. Prof. Chen Au Peh (overall Project Leader); Consultant Renal Physician, Royal Adelaide Hospital [email]
Assoc. Prof. Julian White AM; Clinical Toxinologist, Women’s & Children’s Hospital [email]
Dr. Afzal Mahmood, Public Health Expert, University of Adelaide [email]

Other Principal Team Members (outside of Myanmar)

Prof. David Warrell, Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, University of Oxford
Assoc. Prof. Scott Weinstein, Clinical Toxinologist, Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Dr. Sam Alfred, Emergency Physician/Clinical Toxicologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital
Prof. Bob Cumming, Epidemiologist, University of Sydney
Prof. Michael Thompson, Herpetologist, University of Sydney
Prof. JM Gutierrez, Toxinologist/Antivenom Expert, University of Costa Rica
Mr. Keiran Ragas, Antivenom Expert, CSL Ltd
Dr. John Moody, Veterinarian/Antivenom Expert, CSL Ltd
Elizabeth Salfate, Quality Assurance Expert, CSL Ltd
Mr. Nathan Dunstan, Herpetologist/Venom Extraction Expert, Venom Supplies
Prof. Neil Das, Herpetologist, Malaysia

Project team leaders (Myanmar)

To be advised

Project Manager

Mr. David Bacon, Project Manager ( Health Services Development, Myanmar ), University of Adelaide [email]

Website Management

Dr. David Bates, Medical Scientist, Women’s & Children’s Hospital [email]