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Venomous Snakes around the World

WHO Sites:
Snake Antivenoms database

Snake Antivenom Immunoglobulins

Clinical Toxinology Resources website

International Society for Toxinology website

First Aid

David Warrell 2010 article
CDC 2014: How to Prevent or Respond to a Snake Bite
CSL First Aid Guide to Australian Venomous Creatures

Extent & Significance of Snakebite

Lancet 2010 articles


Lectures & Presentations

Conference Presentations for the Project

4th Congress of Asian Federation of Internal Medicine - September 2017

Lectures for the Project

Training Lectures - July 2016


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WHO Publications

WHO-SEARO Snakebite Guidelines 2010

WHO Guidelines on Antivenom Production

Clinical Support Documents

Myanmar snakebite management guidelines
Myanmar snakebite referral letter
Myanmar guide to performing the 20WBCT to detect coagulopathy


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