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Medically Significant Venomous Snakes of Myanmar

The following listing includes only those species which are likely to be able to cause medically significant envenoming.
This represents a minority of the total snake fauna of Myanmar, and a more extensive list is presented in this document [PDF].

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Non-front fanged Colubroid Snakes Family: Natricidae

Rhabdophis subminiatus

Red-necked keelback

Front fanged Elapid Snakes Family: Elapidae



Coral Snakes

Naja kaouthia

Monocellate or monocled cobra

Naja mandalayensis

Burmese spitting cobra

Ophiophagus hannah

King cobra or hamadryas


Bungarus bungaroides

Northeastern hill krait

Bungarus candidus

Malayan krait

Bungarus fasciatus

Banded krait

Bungarus flaviceps

Red-headed krait

Bungarus magnimaculatus

Burmese krait

Bungarus multicinctus

Many banded or Chinese krait

Sinomicrurus macclellandi

Coral snake

Calliophis maculiceps

Small-spotted or spectacled coral snake



Sea Snakes

Front fanged Viper-type Snakes Family: Viperidae

Subfamily: Viperinae (vipers)

Subfamily: Crotalinae
(pit vipers)


Daboia siamensis

Russell’s viper


Calloselasma rhodostoma

Malayan pit viper

Ovophis monticola

Mountain pit viper

Protobothrops jerdoni

Red spotted pit viper

Protobothrops kaulbacki

Kaulback’s pit viper

Protobothrops mucrosquamatus

Chinese habu

Trimeresurus (Cryptelytrops) albolabris

White-lipped green pit viper

Trimeresurus (Cryptelytrops) erythrurus

Red-tailed green pit viper

Trimeresurus (Viridovipera) gumprechti

Gumprecht’s pit viper

Trimeresurus (Viridovipera) medoensis

Bamboo-leaf pit viper

Trimeresurus (Popeia) popeiorum

Pope’s green pit viper

Trimeresurus (Cryptelytrops) purpureomaculatus

Mangrove pit viper

Trimeresurus (Viridovipera) stejnegeri (alternatively listed as Trimeresurus (Viridovipera) yunnanensis for Myanmar)

Chinese bamboo pit viper