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Summary of Project

Snakebite is a major cause of mortality and morbidity, particularly among the farming poor in Myanmar. The central aim of this Project is to address this problem through the identification and implementation of achievable objectives. In response to requests from the Ministries of Industry and Health in Myanmar, the University of Adelaide has partnered with CSL Limited and University of Sydney to improve the health outcomes for snakebite patients in Myanmar by applying a coordinated and systematic approach:

(1) to improve the quantity and quality of antivenom production,
(2) to increase the availability of antivenom to health centres especially in rural regions, and
(3) to optimise the management of snakebite patients at the community level.

This Project intends to apply a comprehensive strategy to each of these areas through the use of a team of experts, supporting Myanmar colleagues to build local capacity and resolve local problems sustainably.

The Project is funded by an Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Government Partnerships for Development (GPFD) grant. The funding is initially for three years, ending in 2017.

See also information on the key implementation steps, project value for money, and project management capabilities.